Ildfast needs more space

Ildfast has since long been based at the Verpet industrial area in Vestby. This is an ideal location, with Vestby being a logistics centre and close to many of our regular customers. With the E6 main road running through the municipality, providing a vital link to large areas of the country, it is easy to organise our deliveries so that they reach our customers efficiently.

Our premises at Verpetveien 33 have been subject to continuous improvements in recent years, and we are currently in the process of finishing the latest extension and interior upgrades. Once this process (stage 1) is complete, Ildfast will be well equipped to supply high-quality refractory products and services for a long time to come. Our building consists of an office area, a dedicated warehouse and a workshop, with a total floor plan of about 1,500 m².

In addition to the aforementioned extension and upgrades, our owners have another building project underway at Verpetveien 37. The plot is right next to Ildfast’s existing premises, and constructing here will have many positive synergies. Verpetveien 37 will be a multi-use building, with offices, a warehouse and a production area, with a total floor plan of approximately 2,500 m².