Each of our many customers has different needs, depending on their type of business and production method. In addition to traditional refractory work, we have the personnel and equipment to perform a number of additional services that naturally supplement the work we do.


We perform an inspection of your installation and provide a written report including our view of its condition. We give you specific advice and our recommendations to safeguard continued operation. In addition, we provide a quotation for any work required and a calculation of the project’s duration.

refractory Installations

We use the following techniques:

  • Bricklaying
  • Gunning
  • Ramming
  • Casting
  •  Fibre installations
  • Other installation work

Our fitters are also qualified to perform hot work and shuttering, and to drive forklifts.


There are many advantages to prefabricated elements, and using them when making repairs can make the process more efficient. Elements of all sizes – from just a few grams to solutions weighing several tonnes – can be prefabricated.

We have a great deal of expertise and experience with prefabrication. Elements are manufactured in our own workshop or at our material suppliers for whom we are agents. Contact us to discuss your ideas or options.

Technical drawing

In order to deliver first-class installations, we are dependent on technical drawings and a good foundation. Ildfast uses Inventor drawing software and can deliver 3D drawings for on-site projects and prefabrication.

Our draughtsmen and -women work closely with the project managers to together create high-quality working drawings and document the finished work.


Sandblasting is a mechanical method of processing a surface where abrasive particles are blown at very high speed through a handheld nozzle. The treatment will result in a clean surface, albeit one that is rougher. After sandblasting, the surface will usually be ready for covering with new refractory material, coatings etc. Ildfast has an extensive range of sandblasting equipment and mobile compressors. In addition to traditional sandblasting, we also possess equipment for sandblasting in flue pipes.

Dry-ice blasting

An efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning method.

Dry-ice blasting is a revolutionary cleaning and blasting method where, instead of traditional agents such as sand, water or chemicals, soft pellets of dry ice shaped like grains of rice are used. It is very effective for the industrial cleaning of machinery and production equipment, industrial premises, electrical components and control panels, façades etc.

Dry ice removes oil, grease, hull paint on ships, surface rust, burnt-on dust, paint, varnish, glue, coatings in moulds, moss, stains from greenery and other contaminants. The process does not leave behind any secondary waste, as blasting with water, chemicals or sand does.

Ildfast performs dry-ice blasting with first-class equipment from the market leader, Cold Jet. Their machines are highly efficient and reliable, and they use less air and dry ice than other similar equipment currently on the market

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ultra-high-pressure flushing

Ultra-high-pressure flushing is an environmentally friendly cleaning method that effectively removes dirt, grease, rust and paint. The process uses water at a pressure of up to 3,200 bar.

Ultra-high-pressure flushing is suitable for cleaning rough surfaces, steel structures, ship hulls, sheet-metal roofs and the like.

In addition to traditional flushing/cleaning, we can perform:

  • Hydrodemolition
  • Pipe flushing

Ildfast performs ultra-high-pressure flushing with equipment from Hammelmann. Their state-of-the-art machines are very efficient and reliable.

sweeping and boiler cleaning

Regular boiler maintenance and cleaning are vital to ensure that the installation works at full efficiency. The old rule of thumb is that 1 mm of soot/coating reduces efficiency by 10 per cent. If this is even approximately correct, there are major financial and environmental benefits to be gained from regular sweeping and boiler cleaning.

The right equipment is vital to ensure a satisfactory result. We have sweeping devices, cyclone soot separators, industrial vacuum cleaners and a wide selection of brushes and tools. You can choose whether to buy the equipment or pay us to perform the work.

Fuel grates

Fuel grates are made of heat-resistant castings and are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures combined with mechanical stresses and alkalis. Ildfast can supply grates, and we also replace grates on most types of incinerators.


No matter what sort of grate you require, we can make casting moulds and manufacture exactly what you need. Ildfast designs the details to be cast and arranges for a sample to be cast. Once the sample is approved, we can proceed with full-scale production.


Fuel grates are used in various furnaces and incineration plants with very high temperatures. Ildfast supplies grates made from various alloys, from ordinary grey cast iron to castings with a high chromium content.


In order to deliver the best quality, we work with the best: our partner Core-Tech AS is based in Hamar and is part of a group with over 120 years of experience in casting and manufacturing.