About us

Ildfast AS is a leading service company that offers maintenance and servicing on furnaces, heating installations and refractory constructions in the production facilities of industrial concerns. We supply everything you could need within refractory materials and installations, and we focus on operational safety and reducing risk.

Our employees are people who do their utmost to produce the best possible work at all times. We have strong values and ethical guidelines, as a result of which our customers can trust that we are the best option, not only in terms of price, but also delivery and sustainability. We have a high degree of integrity, objectivity and expertise in our field. All this makes us a professional partner who puts customers first, so that we can help create value and preserve assets.

Ildfast AS is an independent limited company with active owners. We are based in dedicated premises in Vestby, just south-east of Oslo, where we have our administrative centre and a well-stocked warehouse. Our engineers and project managers are industry leaders in terms of experience and expertise, and we possess the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We work every day to become the natural first choice for those needing a supplier of refractory materials and services. We perform assignments of all sizes throughout Scandinavia.

company structure

Ildfast AS is part of Igni AS, an investment company whose active owners have a long-term and sustainable approach to their investments. Our focus and our interests are on what we, the owners, do best.

The development, production, sale and installation of heat-resistant and refractory products for all industries is central to our activities.

corporate social responsibility

The world is changing, and we must all make a positive contribution to create value for future generations. Ildfast expects and demands the highest standards when it comes to how we treat people, whether employees, customers, suppliers or other parties we come into contact with. We believe this is good for our business.


culture and values

Promoting a company culture is a journey and an important component in carrying out our mission. The aim of developing an inclusive and diverse corporate culture is to help our employees and customers do extraordinary things. We believe that it is our ability to work together that makes our dreams credible and achievable. We want to build on other people’s ideas and work across borders to give our best to our customers. The desire for growth and continuous development is a fundamental part of our culture.

Our vision:
We will be the natural first choice

and the preferred partner for all industries.

By specifying our fundamental values together with a clear vision, we have also drawn up a code of conduct in which the management puts into words the expectations and requirements Ildfast has for its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. This code of conduct describes the ethical standard the organisation should have, the kind of behaviour we expect and what actions are unacceptable. Our most important governing principles are:

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional expertise
  • Professional behaviour

Our code of conduct applies at a general level and is supplemented by guidelines, instructions and other management documents within specific areas.

our sustainability goals 

Gender equality

Equality is something that the industry needs to improve on. We have ambitions to make a difference. We will work for greater equality and for everyone to be treated equally irrespective of their gender: to have the same opportunity to increase their expertise and develop their career, and to receive equal pay for equal work.

Clean energy

As far as possible, we will use clean energy in our day-to-day operations and in our projects. For instance, through our choice of suppliers, we will choose sustainable and environmentally friendly products. 

Less inequality

We will work to reduce social, political and economic inequality – regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or origin. We will be an inclusive company where no one is excluded. 

Responsible consumption and production

It is of great importance to us that our deliveries and our consumption are sustainable. We achieve this by means of our delivery concept, focusing on installation technology, material selection, packaging, transport and correct waste management.

collaboration partners

Our customers and suppliers are very important to us.
We are proud to work with such companies as: