Our inventory is extensive and covers many applications. We stock monolithic refractories, refractory bricks, insulation materials, anchoring, various fibre products, sweeping equipment, fuel grates and more. This gives us the flexibility to deliver materials at short notice and to all types of industry. Contact us for further information and prices.

Refractory castables

Refractory materials for any application – everything from insulation and standard refractories to low cement and special castables. The materials can be supplied for basically any application, e.g. cast, gunned or with a number of other special adaptations.

Ramming materials

Rammables of many qualities with different bonding agents. Rammables are versatile materials that can be installed without the need for complicated shuttering or advanced techniques.

Refractory bricks

We offer a wide range of refractory bricks in various qualities and formats.

Insulating bricks

We stock a range of insulating bricks in many different qualities and formats. 


Ceramic, cast-iron or hexmesh anchoring in various dimensions and qualities.

Refractory fibres

We have products in many sizes and qualities: blankets, paper, gaskets and ropes.

Gunning equipment

We stock nozzles and spare parts for your gunning equipment. We also have gunning hoses available by the metre.

Sweeping equipment

Brushes of different types and sizes are always in stock, plus flexible lances, sweeping equipment and cyclone soot separators/industrial vacuum cleaners.

Fuel grates

We sell grates for most types of installations. In addition to an extensive stock available for emergencies, we also offer technical drawing services and special manufacture of fuel grates.

Industrial vacuum cleaners

We sell Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners and can supply the DM3 and Mistral 352 models and separators at short notice.