In training

As newly employed administrative secretaries at Ildfast AS, it is important to get to know all parts of the day-to-day operations. Sarah Hæhre Kristiansen and Trine Nøring were therefore given the opportunity to join a tour of Kronos Titan in connection with a job that was carried out there. Ahead of the visit, they had to go through a safety course and acquire the necessary PPE.

Our Project Manager Tomasz Sawicki guided us through the large industrial building. We were able to meet operating personnel on site and see how titanium dioxide is produced. It is used as a whitening agent in products such as paint, paper, plastic and toothpaste.

“It was very interesting to get inside a factory of this size and see how many people are involved in the day-to-day operations there, from our own fitters who carry out maintenance on the furnaces to the people in the control room who monitor everything,” says Sarah Hæhre Kristiansen.