New framework agreement for Ildfast

The client’s objective for the procurement was to enter into a framework agreement for refractory masonry work for incinerators in connection with the Grautneset incineration plant. The work includes necessary maintenance, repair after damage, renovation, conversion etc. Ildfast will perform planned maintenance activities and maintain a high level of preparedness in order to reduce downtime in the event of emergencies.

The incineration plant has two furnaces, and the duration of the agreement is five years. We look forward to starting work, and to a constructive and positive partnership with an exciting client.

The customer states:
“During negotiations with several companies, Ildfast stood out as the best for our needs. Our visit to Ildfast in Vestby gave us a great impression of the company. They have a large warehouse with the necessary equipment – and, importantly, a skilled team.”

Tor Tynes, Operations Manager, Tafjord Kraftvarme AS

Etter avtaleinngåelsen fikk vi hyggelig besøk av Tor Tynes (Driftsleder) og Mats Nordstrand (BAS) fra  Tafjord Kraftvarme AS på vårt hovedkontor i Vestby hvor vi ble bedre kjent. En rikholdig dag med presentasjoner av hverandres selskaper, prosjektgjennomgang, forberedelser, visning av vårt rikholdige lager og demonstrasjon av ulike materialer og utstyr.