The heating installation is the very heart of the company

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In many companies, the heating installation, whether it is a furnace or a boiler, is the very heart of operations. The energy it produces is vital to maintain necessary processes, the production of goods and the heating of buildings. Thorough monitoring and maintenance of the heating installation is therefore absolutely essential for safe production and operation.

“In industry, heating systems are very widespread, and with the electricity prices we have seen recently, district heating has become significantly more profitable,” explains Dag Strisland, co-owner and HSE Quality Manager at Ildfast. He emphasises that proper inspection and maintenance are crucial. “Heating installations are responsible for necessary processes, the production of goods and the heating of buildings. They are absolutely essential for safe production and operation,” he insists.

Refractory masonry, fibre gaskets and ropes in furnaces are subjected to thermal and mechanical stresses over time, and therefore become worn. Damaged masonry in industrial furnaces can result in steel structures overheating and damage to equipment. “In the worst-case scenario, this results in a breakdown of the installation, and production has to be shut down. If a company running a sawmill needs to change its boiler, we can soon be talking about costs in excess of NOK 5 million. And that’s just for the boiler – losses as a result of stoppages in production would be on top of that. It goes without saying that unforeseen costs of that size could be devastating for a company,” continues Strisland.

Defective fuel grates can lead to a stoppage in the fuel supply. Such stoppages can cause accumulation and flashback, which in turn can produce dangerous situations with major consequences. “Poor cleaning and maintenance can also lead to dust explosions, which can potentially kill. The problem arises if a critical amount of dust is ignited,” he explains. Another risk is that flue pipes in the boiler become clogged with ash and soot, which can increase costs. “Clogged or soot-covered flue pipes lead to high fuel consumption and poor efficiency, whether of biofuel, oil or gas.”

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Photo: Dag Strisland, Civil Engineer and Partner at Ildfast AS.

Long-term cooperation with an expert partner.

Ildfast are specialists in this type of maintenance of heating installations, and can supply everything needed in terms of refractory materials and installations. In addition, they have all the necessary equipment for cleaning flue pipes, including sweeping systems, rotating brushes and even flushing using ultra-high pressures of up to 3,000 bar. “Regular follow-up will safeguard operations and contribute to better efficiency and longer uptime. This is good for both HSE and the finances,” Strisland points out.

It is typically the maintenance manager at any business who is responsible for maintenance. “They appreciate our expertise and being able to work with us long-term to ensure proper maintenance and follow-up. Often, they don’t have that expertise themselves and are dependent on us. The most important thing for them is not which materials are used, but that we deliver operational reliability. That’s why the unique breadth of products and services Ildfast offers is important. We can take on most of the maintenance for the installation owners, so they don’t have to deal with several companies. We are often asked to take on tasks that the customer doesn’t want to do themselves, despite the fact that they have the necessary equipment, and we usually agree to do so – it both strengthens our partnership and increases the breadth of the services we deliver.”

As an ISO-certified company, Ildfast is equipped to manage complicated work operations efficiently and safely.

“Our employees, project managers and supervisors have a breadth of experience and expertise, and we have a well-stocked warehouse and a high level of preparedness should one of our customers be affected by an incident. A cooperation agreement with us on maintenance and follow-up provides a lot of predictability for the customer,” he concludes.